Sunday, September 18, 2011

Summary Sunday

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Well, it appears I know more about online research than I thought I did, because my online class isn't consuming as much as my time as I expected. Hence, I was able to write some new sentences to share with you this week. :-) Yes, these are all still from Acelet's story.

Monday: "Sit, madame, and I will sing to you the tale of Le Fresne." [Author's note: Sadly, the tale of Le Fresne isn't going to work after all. Acelet will be finding a new story to use next week.]

Tuesday: She had sat back quickly, before the last vibration of Acelet’s voice had died way on the final words … “Here ends Chr├ętien’s romance of the Knight with the Lion … ” welcoming the familiar stiffening of her features as she recovered her familiar scorn for such absurd romanticism.

Thursday: The harp strings thrummed a series of dark, hovering tones, introducing the irony that followed.

Friday: She froze in mid-step and shook herself free of the skeins of enchantment.

Saturday: With an audible “hmph!”, she picked up a platter splattered with solidified goose fat clumped with ground giblets and breadcrumbs and plunged it into the water so that it clanked against the pot.

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