Sunday, August 9, 2015

Summary Sunday

Good news! I'm pretty sure I'm in the next to the last--or possibly, the next to the next to the last--chapter of Courting Cassandry! At any rate, the end is coming into sight. Here are a few new sentences from my writing sessions this week.

I can't give you all the speaker attributions for the sentences below because it might give too much away, but in case you still need it, here's my mini cast of characters for those characters I do mention by name.

Cast of Characters

Cassandry: my forty-something heroine
Gerolt: my fifty-something hero
Egelina: Cassandry's teenaged daughter

Monday: Cassandry rode past the village with its mix of neat and dilapidated cottages, into the smear of greenery soaring skyward on either side of the forest road.

Tuesday: “I would remind you that the Lady Egelina is of age to make her own choice. The monks have no obligation to return her to you against her will.”

Wednesday: “I envied Gerolt his clothes and his jewels and his privilege—but when I came home from the East, I found it was the love of his children that I envied of him the most.”

Thursday: Gerolt sought Cassandry’s gaze, desperate for wisdom greater than his own.

Friday: They stood at stalemate, until Cassandry appeared so suddenly between them that Gerolt wondered if she had conjured herself from one spot to another.

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