Sunday, August 23, 2015

Summary Sunday

Here are some sample sentences from my last two chapters of Courting Cassandry. I'm hoping to finish the first draft this week!

Mini-Cast of Characters:

Cassandry: my 40-something heroine
Gerolt: my 50-something hero
Egelina/Gelli: Cassandry's teenaged daughter
Rauffe: Gerolt's teenaged son

Monday: Cassandry could not speak these hard truths to a daughter still so precariously on the edge of faith and fear.

Tuesday: I lost too many years with you, Gelli. Too many years lost to my own confusion and hopelessness and grief.

Wednesday: (Rauffe:) “Cassandry could not possibly have made this. She knows that I dislike peas.”

Thursday: Cassandry stared a long moment at the shell. The sternness slid from her face, but Gerolt could not interpret the expression that replaced it.

Friday: Clearly Gerolt needed to teach his son a little more about chivalry.

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