Sunday, April 19, 2015

Summary Sunday

A sprinkling of new sentences from my writing sessions on Courting Cassandry this week. Here's a character list to help you keep everyone straight:

Cassandry - my heroine, a 41 year-old widow
Antony - Cassandry's late husband (Monday's sentence is from a flashback)
Gerolt - my hero, a 50 year-old widower
Samson - Gerolt's best friend (also a widower)
Egelina - Cassandry's 14 year-old daughter
Rauffe - Gerolt's 15 year-old son

Monday: Cassandry traced out the first few words Antony dictated with a shaking hand, then stopped and exclaimed, “I will not write that. It makes me sound as guilty as he!”

Tuesday: She picked up the quill— Gerolt would know something was wrong if her words wobbled about like drunken men.

Wednesday: The devil take Sir Samson, she swore silently. If only it had done so years ago.

Thursday: Gerolt said, very soft and very level, “Do I need to remind you that the Lady Egelina is betrothed to my son?”

Friday: Rauffe was the only husband for her daughter Cassandry could be sure of, because she was sure of Gerolt.

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