Sunday, April 12, 2015

Summary Sunday

I'm still working my way through the first draft of Courting Cassandry, my next Hearts in Autumn romance. I rarely succeed in sticking to an outline, and that is proving to be the case for CC, as well as all my previous books. I think I have a loose idea of where I want the story to go, but I'm already encountering some twists and turns with my characters that I wasn't expecting. Only more time will tell where these new characters are planning to take me.

In the meantime, here is a sampling of new sentences from Courting Cassandry this week.

Monday: (Gerolt, comparing his late wife, Aveline, to the heroine, Cassandry): Aveline had fluttered and hovered around Rauffe in his illnesses, but Gerolt had never once seen her embrace the boy as Cassandry was doing now.

Tuesday: (Cassandry is still having trouble with her teenaged daughter, Egelina): Having flung this cryptic remark at Cassandry, Egelina left her mother standing with utter befuddlement in her face, crossed the hall stiffly to the staircase, then ascended them at an undignified run, leaving a sob floating on the air in her wake.

Wednesday: How could he know? Of course he could not! And yet a quivering, wounded corner of her could not forgive him for not knowing anyway.

Thursday: She did not want to answer questions about her marriage, but she had been too careless during their dance, and she knew Gerolt had sniffed trouble there, as keenly as a hound sniffed out a fox.

Friday: (Teenaged Egelina to her mother, Cassandry): “I knew you were insensitive and unfeeling, Mamma, but I did not know you were also a hypocrite.”

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