Sunday, February 9, 2014

Summary Sunday

Well, we've come to the end of Summary Sundays for The Lady and the Minstrel. I typed "The End" on my first draft on Friday and since my next goal is to do a cutting revision, I won't have any new sentences to share with you for awhile. Here is a final sample of sentences from my writing sessions this week.

Monday: Robert had rarely seen Strode and Gunthar eye-to-eye like this. Strode had the more hulking build, but Gunthar stood every inch Strode’s height and something about the implacable set of Gunthar’s shoulders, the haughty turn of his mouth, the uncompromising air of command his still strong form wore as easily as an old, familiar mantle, made Strode appear inexplicably small.

Tuesday: This was not the way of either of their worlds, for a villein and an earl to be friends.

Wednesday: “Hugh,” Lady Helen rebuked her husband, “have a little sympathy for their feelings. As I recall, someone hustled me off to my wedding night quite contrary to my father’s wishes.”

Thursday: Robert realized her hand was still tucked in his and that he gripped her slim fingers a little too tightly. He tried to ease his grip while he awaited her reply.

Friday: THE END!

Thanks for letting me share new sentences with you along this long and sometimes very scary journey! Next up: revision #1. Wish me luck!

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