Sunday, November 24, 2013

Summary Sunday

Are you all winding down--or is that more like winding up?--for Thanksgiving? I am, which means The Lady and the Minstrel and Summary Sunday will be mostly going on hiatus for a week. Here's a sampling of new sentences to tide you over in the meantime.

Monday: “The minstrel is a mere irritant it will give me pleasure to snuff like a candle’s flame.”

Tuesday: If she lost him, her very foundation would crumble and the only thing waiting to catch her would be the soul-blasting coldness of Strode’s embrace.

Wednesday: Her father had called such comfort “coddling” and rebuked her mother from holding her during the long, grieving days that had followed her grandfather’s death.

Thursday: “I believe Robert an honest man, and he certainly has beauty and charm enough to set any woman to swooning—don’t stare, child, I told you I was not blind.

Friday: “Lord Christopher has laid testimony? Before what court?”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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