Sunday, November 17, 2013

Summary Sunday

Rob's in trouble and on the run! Here are some new sentences from The Lady and the Minstrel this week.

Monday: Now Robert stood at her door, hair disheveled, face flushed and chest heaving like he had just come from a battle.

Tuesday: Marguerite nudged his hands away from his head to feel for some lump or knot that might be causing him pain.

Wednesday: But the Earl of Gunthar was absent today, his place taken by the Lady Helen who endured with dignified composure the king’s neglect while he leered at various women seated at the tables below them.

Thursday: “You think Rob would hide behind me? Fah! It takes a coward’s mind to suspect anther man of skulking behind a woman.”

Friday: Strode caught her wrist as her hand flew up to strike him. He murmured against her lips, “How fond are you of your cousin Richard? I have him locked up in a tower that only you can deliver him from.”

Saturday: Marguerite felt heartsick. So cruel and vicious a plot, just to eliminate a man she had dared to fall in love with?

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