Sunday, October 27, 2013

Summary Sunday

Things will soon be coming to a head in The Lady and the Minstrel. Thursday's new sentence was a bit of a tipping point. Hope you enjoy this week's sampler from my WIP! :-)

Monday: It must have to do with the woman. There could be no other explanation.

Tuesday: She glanced up at him, her eyes flaring wide. She has not your powers of self-possession, my lad.

Wednesday: No law in the land would object to Strode defending his own honor and that of his betrothed’s by hunting and cutting down a wild, wanton minstrel.

Thursday: Somewhere in the inklike hours of the night, while the men around him in the servant’s room lay snoring and snuffling, the numbness of his brother’s death had worn off and a low, simmering anger began to burn in Robert’s belly.

Friday: What might one need to see so clearly at this hour of the day? Robert knew what he should wish to see.

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