Sunday, October 20, 2013

Summary Sunday

After a very, very long separation, Rob and Marguerite had a joyous reunion this week. But the story isn't over yet, so all is not well.
Villains are plotting behind their back and a family tragedy is about to strike for Robert. Here is a fresh sampling of new sentences I typed this week for The Lady and the Minstrel.

Monday: Her eyes met his, then darted away in shame. But not before she had glimpsed the hurt in his own midnight gaze.

Tuesday: “If I let you do that, we will stand here kissing till the sun falls and the moon rises—or until your cousin finds us and plants his fist in my face.”

Wednesday: “If you failed to cover your tracks, if you had the stupidity to let him or anyone link your name and treason to me, I will crush you so fast you’ll be staring the devil in the face before you even know you are dead.”

Thursday: Robert felt the punch of recognition. “Alice?”

Friday: “He said Will’s wife had let it slip that you had seduced the betrothed of the Earl of Strode.”

Saturday: He rubbed at his eyes. No time for grief. Not yet.

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