Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summary Sunday

As I mentioned last week, I am currently paying a visit to my sister and didn't think I'd have much time to write while I was here. And it's true, I haven't had "much time." But I decided no matter how tired I was from a fun-filled day, I should be able to squeeze out at least 100 new words a day while I'm here. I know it doesn't sound like much, but even 100 words a day advances the story bit by bit, which means I'll be that much further along when I get home than I would have been if I hadn't written 100 words a day. :-) So far, I've surpassed that goal each night, sometimes by just a little, sometimes by a considerable amount. Here is a sampling of what I've added so far to The Lady and the Minstrel during my vacation.

Monday: (cleaning/packing day)

Tuesday: (traveling day)

Wednesday: Two blurry, bloody rocks lay near him. He reached out a shaking hand. Nay, one rock only. Pain hazed and doubled his vision.

Thursday: Even with his blurred vision, he could see the trees thinning, and then they parted altogether to allow him a foggy image of men and horses milling about beneath the walls of Sir Triston’s castle.

Friday: “Saints, man, where have you been?”

Saturday: Perhaps it was pride, but this was one part of the night’s story he did not wish to confess to Gunthar.

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