Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Christmas in July!

Well, sort of. For those of you who still prefer print books over e-books, my short Christmas romance, A Candlelight Courting, is now available in a "gift size" paperback!

Margaret (Literary Chanteuse) wrote the following about A Candlelight Courting:

"The author has created one of the most unique love stories I think I have ever read. Christina, a compelling young woman during medieval times . . .  is faced with marriage instead of fulfilling her dream of dedicating her life to the church. How she manages to find love and a guardian of her heart in Burthred, her betrothed is amazing. An excellent choice for Christmas or anytime of the year."

A Candlelight Courting: A Short Christmas Romance is a 2012 RONE Award Finalist. Print copies are currently on sale at Amazon for only $3.75. (Regular price $3.95.) How long this sale will last is up to the caprices of Amazon, but if you'd like to snag a copy for yourself and a few copies for stocking stuffers, now might be a good time. :-)

A Candlelight Courting is also available in Kindle, Nook, and multiple e-book formats for $1.99.

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