Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summary Sunday

I've enjoyed spending time with Rob and Marguerite again. It feels good to be back to writing! Here are a few new sentences from The Lady and the Minstrel.

Monday: The Lady Marguerite’s sweet countenance flowed into his mind as distinctly as Agnes’s faded vaguely away.

Tuesday: If there was one thing Robert’s proud heart abhorred more than all the rest, it was pity.

Wednesday: “I mean I’ve seen that kindlin’ in yer eyes before and it always bodes trouble for someone.”

Thursday: But Robert realized now the baron had dealt his villein an unwitting favor, for Lucy had clearly brought a light to William’s life he would never have found on Beck Manor.

Friday: Not one day had passed in the last seven years that she had not recalled their meeting, the look of wild despair in his gaze when her footfall had whirled him around on the edge of the river’s bank, and then at her offer, a gratitude so fervent it had consumed the fears that had driven her to try to flee from the man she loved most in all the world.

Saturday: She should have trusted Grandfather to listen to her fears rather than trying to run away . . . but if she had, she would never have met the handsome young man by the river.

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