Sunday, January 20, 2013

Summary Sunday

As with most things in life, some writing days were better than others this week. I missed Tuesday entirely because I was gone all day and went to a lecture on Catherine the Great that night (loved it!), but I got all the other days in, in spite of a rapidly developing head cold. Here's a sampling of what I accomplished.

Monday: “I am not a slackwit, lady, whatever your father came to think of me after that mischief-making churchman turned his mind against me.”


Wednesday: She had racked her brains for hours for some way to smuggle word to Northumberland, but every possibility seemed bolted fast against her.

Thursday: Richard had been her father’s page and his lively, cheerful mischief had proved a happier distraction from the dismayingly ill-tempered man who called himself her father than had the pretty, soft-faced mother who coddled her one moment, and the next left her with strange servants to run eagerly off to attend Valette’s every whim.

Friday: He must have seen the defiance in her eyes, for his own gleamed a challenge in return.

Saturday: Almost immediately his face sobered again and his eyes darted away; his quick fingers did not drop not so much a beat on the strings as he sang on as though nothing had passed between them.

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