Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summary Sunday

Here are a few new sentences from Meg's story this week:

Monday: She thought the corner of his mouth gave a quirk, but it may have just been a trick of the candle’s light.

Tuesday: What if the heavens smote her before she could strike these sins from her heart?

Wednesday: (Today was an out of town day. I wimped out on writing when I got home.)

Thursday: "‘Our lands will double in size when you are Burthred’s wife,’ my father never grows tired of reminding me."

Friday: How often had she come upon them conversing with frowns in low voices and caught her father mutter the name “Burthred”, followed by an impatient curse, before one of them looked up to see her and shushed the other.

Saturday: (My writing session turned into a research session. I discovered the Google Play Books app and downloaded it to my iPad, along with the free e-book, Saint Edmund, King and Martyr. Watch for a mention of Tolinus the sacrist if I ever finish this story.)


paul said...

wondering if you meant

"...the corner of his mouth gave a smirk," ?

Joyce DiPastena said...

No, he's not smirking. He's trying not to smile. :-)