Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweet Saturday Samples

It's been awhile since I've shared a Sweet Saturday Sample with you. I've been so busy wrestling my new medieval romance into shape for publication that I haven't had time for very much else. But my new book, Dangerous Favor (rated PG), has been officially released and is now available on Amazon, so I am able to share a sample of it with you today!

A little setup: Etienne (my hero) and Mathilde (my heroine) met the previous night in the castle of a young widow who is holding a tournament so that she can choose a new husband. Etienne persuaded Mathilde to give him the white ribbon in her hair to wear as a favor in the tournament, but when her brother finds out, he becomes angry and insists Mathilde get the ribbon back. This scene takes place the next morning on the field of tents where the knights are preparing for the tournament.

Mathilde’s violet eyes turned misty again. Etienne imagined she longed for some man to be thus stricken over her. No doubt it was of Therri she dreamed. What had she called him? The Vision? Etienne’s mouth quirked up in rare envy of his friend.

She sighed and forced her gaze—reluctantly, he thought—to refocus on his face.

“Pray, sir, it is most unchivalrous of you to tease me this way. If you are a true knight, you will honor my request and give me back the ribbon.”

Etienne hesitated. He wanted to wear her favor, but he realized it was equally important to him that she should think well of him. If he continued to refuse her request, she would think him a churlish brute.

Before he could decide how to answer, Hermaline swept through her half-circle of mounted attendants, apparently tired of waiting for her would-be champion to return. She bore down upon Etienne and Mathilde with sparkling eyes, her veil fluttering in her hand like a banner of war. If he were to surrender Mathilde’s ribbon, he told himself, then he must at least arm himself with some other shield in its place.

 “If I give it back to you,” he said quickly to Mathilde, “what will you give me in exchange?”

 “In exchange?”

 “You agreed last night to grant me your favor for the tournament today. If you insist that I behave as a ‘true knight’ and return the ribbon you gave me, then I demand you keep your word as a ‘lady’ and grant me some other favor in its stead.”

 “But I told you last night that I have nothing else to give you.”

Hermaline was nearly upon them.

 “Then,” he murmured to Mathilde, “I hope you will forgive me, for I am about to behave most unchivalrously.”

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Guilie Castillo said...

"I am about to behave most unchivalrously"--great line! I like Etienne already :) Good job with the scene building--with very few words (but great choices), you had me there with them. The dialogue is realistic as well, which is hard to do for medieval times. Great excerpt!

Sandy Nachlinger said...

Oh, what a tease you are! Will he steal a kiss? I enjoyed this scene, especially the tension you created at the end with Hermaline getting closer and closer. Something has to happen quickly! I wonder what it will be.

Cathy said...

I love the dialogue. You can really see yourself there. Good job.

Lindsay said...

Love your writing. Yes, I agree with Sandy that he tries to steal a kiss

Rachel Rossano said...

I can't wait to read more! I am loving "Illuminations of the Heart," by the way. Not enough hours in the day to do all I wish.

Marsha Ward said...

Ha ha, what a churlish lad Etienne is setting himself up to be! Great work, Joyce.

Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you, ladies. Yes, Etienne is a bit of a tease. ;-)

Meg said...

HA! Love that last line, and you capture the medieval dialogue very well. Sounds like an intriguing story! Happy sales to you!!