Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review of "Dearly Departed", by Tristi Pinkston

Back cover blurb for Dearly Departed, by Tristi Pinkston:

Ida Mae Babbitt has done her community service and is a reformed woman - no more law-breaking for her. But when Arlette's granddaughter Eden discovers a mystery in a fancy nursing home, Ida Mae - with the perfect excuse of a broken wrist and a broken ankle - checks herself into the place. After all, it is for the greater good. Soon she's buzzing around in her motorized wheelchair, questioning the residents and swiping files from the office. She's bound and determined to get to the bottom of this case. But can she solve the mystery before she becomes the next victim?

Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston is a delightfully breezy mystery, definitely on the “cozy” side, filled with highly likable characters and a wonderful sense of humor. Although the characters are LDS, this aspect is done with a very light touch, keeping the story highly accessible to non-LDS readers as well. Ida Mae Babbitt is an adorable handful, though I admit, my favorite parts were the scenes between obituary writer Eden and her crime reporter cubicle neighbor, Kevin. But that’s probably the romantic in me. (Not that Ida Mae doesn’t get a bit of romance of her own in the end. Oops! Was that a spoiler? I hope not!) I haven’t read Tristi’s first Ida Mae Babbitt mystery, Secret Sisters, but I gather from the context of Dearly Departed that there was a bit of a romance going on in that volume between Eden and Ida Mae’s grandson, Ren. If so, then I’m putting myself down for Team Kevin. (Sorry, Ren, but I don’t know you, and I do know Kevin, and I just liked the heck out of him!) I suppose to be fair, though, I should give Ren a chance and read Secret Sisters. Putting it down on my TBR list!

My favorite line from the book? “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!” What does it mean? Ah, you’ll have to read the book to solve that mystery, as well!

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For the FTC: I received this book free from the publisher. This has in no way influenced my review.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Joyce! Thanks for your review!

Angie said...

It is such a cute book. I loved it too.

Vivien said...

This really does sound adorable!
+1 follow walnut springs

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

MaryKay said...

"Dearly Departed by Tristi Pinkston is a delightfully breezy mystery, definitely on the “cozy” side, filled with highly likable characters and a wonderful sense of humor."

I'm excited to read it!