Sunday, April 18, 2010

RWA Desert Dreams Conference 2010

I'm back from the Desert Dreams Conference! Lots of fantastic workshops. Learned about Scrivener for Mac. (Going to download as soon as I get back from Salt Lake City.) Learned I need a professional assistant. Alas, can't afford one just now. (Much more expensive than a Scrivener download!) Sat next to a woman with an iPad. She even let me hold it! (I want one! Unfortunately, I don't need one, so I guess I'll hold off on that awhile.) Enjoyed some great meals. (Loved the tuxedo pie! The margarita pie, not so much.) Won a gift certificate for Honey Moon Sweets. (My sister's getting one heck of a birthday cake this year!)  

I made new friends and reconnected with old ones.   

Oh yeah, and I worked a little on my WIP. And I thought a LOT about my WIP. Maybe someday I'll even WRITE some new WIP! You never know. 

Tuesday begins my trek to the Storymakers Writers Conference in Provo, UT. Can't wait!

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Suzanne Barker said...

I texted you on Friday, did you get it? I am going to change my hair appt. so I can spend your birthday day with you. OK?
I am going to be going through Kearny on Friday to Aravapa Canyon. Will you still be in SLC?