Sunday, February 21, 2010

Summary Sunday

Some writers I know write much faster than I do. Some writers I know write slower. Some writers I know write more hours a day than I do. Some writers I know write less. One thing I've learned. I cannot successfully complete a new book if I worry about comparing myself to others, therefore...I write the number of words a day that I write. I write the number of hours a week that I write. When my efforts feel so small that I sometimes wonder if it's worth it to continue, I take this verse as my mantra:

"Out of small things proceeds that which is great." (Doctrine & Covenants 64:33)

Here is a weekly summary of my often "small" writing efforts. And just for fun, I'm throwing in one "new" sentence a day from my daily writing. These sentences may or may not make the final editing cut when all is said and done, so enjoy them while you can!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

Monday: 1059 words

Sentence: "What?" Acelet said, sounding cross.

Tuesday: 730 words

Sentence: "We have become quite boon companions on our shared journey, most likely because you knew how it would irk your father."

Wednesday: Out of town all day

Thursday: 1011 words

Sentence: "Ah," Bricot said. " was not quite what I intended."

Friday: 1057 words

Sentence: Now he moved like a veritable whirlwind, driving off his two would-be attackers again and again.

Saturday: 1113 words

Sentence: Acelet heard two screams--one of pain, the other of sheer terror--and stopped spinning his staff long enough to look over his shoulder.

If anyone would like to start a Summary Sunday on their own blog, you're welcome to share my idea. All I ask is that you link back to my original blog link. Maybe we can start a new meme (rhymes with "cream") for working writers!

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