Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Sweetest Romance Chat Scavenger Hunt

I’ve been invited to participate in The Sweetest Romance Chat Scavenger Hunt that is going on today. E.A. asked me to include my clue in a blog about one of my favorite books. Oddly enough, the title that sprang immediately to my mind was The Three MUSKETEERS, by Alexandre Dumas. I have friends who prefer his more “serious/complex” titles, like The Count of Monte Cristo or The Man in the Iron Mask…both excellent works, I’ll grant you. But my favorite of all Dumas’ works remains The Three MUSKETEERS. Why? For one thing, I love the humor. Life can be depressing enough without ending my day with a sad, depressing or tragic novel. The Three MUSKETEERS always makes me smile, sometimes it even makes me grin, and occasionally I find myself chuckling right out loud with the larger-than-life adventures of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and of course, D’Artangnan. Another thing I love about The Three MUSKETEERS is the dialogue. The dialogue is so clever and witty, it always surprises me that it was written 165 years ago. Many 20th and 21st Century authors (myself included!) could only dream of writing such spot-on perfect dialogue. But as much as I enjoy the humor and dialogue, what keeps bringing me back to re-read The Three MUSKETEERS again and again is the theme of friendship that lies within its pages. “One for all and all for one” may seem a cliché today, but it reflects an unbreakable bond between four men whose love and loyalty to one another transcends all challenges, whether external (physical danger) or internal (personal self-interest). That friendship shines as a beacon throughout the tale. What might any of us give to have three such faithful, unshakeable friends of our own!

So, have you guessed the clue you need to take back to The Sweetest Romance chat room with you? Yep, the word is “MUSKETEER”! Now click here and you will be directed back to the chat room. Just don’t forget the clue when you get there!

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