Friday, September 19, 2008

JDP NEWS Updates

From Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary:

Patience: the capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.”

Patient: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint.”

I am currently undergoing yet another lesson in patience. I returned from my trip to Pennsylvania to learn that, due to printing problems at Leatherwood Press, Loyalty’s Web (which was supposed to be re-published in June, then July, then August), probably will not hit the shelves until October. So I’m taking deep breaths and endeavoring to endure this “trial calmly and without complaint.” My mother would be proud of me! (Assuming I succeed in not breaking down and stamping my foot in frustration.)

Someone who will no longer have to exercise patience, however, is the winner of my website drawing, Debby Creager of Arkansas! Debby has won a signed copy of one of my Medieval Vignettes, “Picking Herbs”. Congratulations, Debby, and thank you to everyone who entered!


I recently posted a blog about one of my experiences during my trip to Pennsylvania. It’s a reflection on that state’s founder, William Penn, entitled Why Don’t We Know More About Our Pre-Founding Fathers? I hope you'll check it out.


And if you’d like to see some photos from my trip to Pennsylvania, I’ve posted a sampling (a mere 57 out of 192) on my website. Click on (what else?) the "My Albums" tab when you get there. Hope you enjoy a vicarious trip through my vacation!

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