Monday, April 14, 2008

JDP NEWS update, April 14, 20

Are you having a good spring? We hit 92 degrees in my part of Arizona today, so it’s quickly starting to feel like summer here. (Although when we hit 110 degrees, I know I’ll be looking longingly back on this 92 degree day.)

Tomorrow night (April 15), I will be doing a presentation on my medieval novel, Loyalty's Web, for the 50th Anniversary of the Kearny Public Library. I’m pretty nervous about it, as it’s my first “presentation” on pretty much anything, so wish me luck!

I have a few updates and reminders to share with all of you.

I have posted a new Clio’s Corner on my website. If you’d like to read about exercise advice for people in the Middle Ages, check it out!

Loyalty’s Web will once more be Book of the Day on AuthorIsland this Wednesday, April 16. If you’re like me, you’ll be needing a reward the day after “tax day”, and how better to reward yourself than with an entertaining romp through Middle Ages? Check out AuthorIsland on Wednesday to see how you can win a free, signed copy of Loyalty’s Web.

April 20th is the last day to enter my website drawing to win a copy of Loyalty’s Web plus this beautiful miniature “medieval” pillow from the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Check out the News & Contests page on my website for details on how to enter.

Finally, I have some exciting news coming up about Loyalty’s Web in the near future. So stay tuned. Celebratory prizes may be involved!

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Anonymous said...

Cool Joyce, I'm very excited for you, Kearny is lucky to have such a "leading lady"! Cathy