Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28, 2008

You haven’t forgotten about my most recent website drawing have you? Well, I guess it’s not actually a “website” drawing, since I’m giving you all the information you need to enter it here without ever having to visit my website this time round.

To celebrate the upcoming re-publication of my medieval novel, Loyalty’s Web, by Leatherwood Press, I’m offering a 1 pound box of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Home Fashioned Chocolates (I’ll even let you choose…dark, milk chocolate, or mix!) to someone who emails the line, “Can’t wait to see the new cover!” to me at Be sure to type “Loyalty’s Web: New Adventure” in the subject line. The deadline for entering is May 30th. I know that seems like a long time away, but enter early before you forget!

Speaking of new covers, my editor at Leatherwood Press wants me to hold off on offering copies of Loyalty’s Web as drawing prizes until the new cover version becomes available. What to do, now, with the few copies I have left of Loyalty’s Web that look like this?

My “leftovers” have to go, preferably before the new cover version comes out, so while supplies last, I’m offering anyone interested the opportunity to reserve and purchase a copy with the “old” cover at a 30% discount. That beats even the current 10% discount on Amazon! (And you never know…it could be a collector’s item some day!)

If you’d like to purchase a copy of Loyalty’s Web for $13.25 (a $5.70 savings off the cover price!), plus only $2.00 shipping (total: $15.25), email me at to reserve a copy, since this offer is only good for as long as my supplies last. I will email you back with details on payment options. International orders will have to pay the full cost of shipping, minus $2.00/USA.

In other news:

I have updated my medieval research with joyce blog with a book review of the medieval novel, Walk With Peril. Although the book is currently out of print, used copies are available very inexpensively through Amazon. Personally, I think the book is a treasure for hardcore medievalholics. Check out my review to see if you think it might be up your alley too, or not.

I have also (finally) updated my Medieval Vignettes blog with a new flashback scene based on Loyalty’s Web, entitled, “Picking Herbs”. Hope you enjoy it!


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Unknown said...

Joyce, I'm probably going to have to buy another copy. One of the Whitney Award Judges (and there are so many of us) borrowed my copy and has never returned it. So drop me an email please so that I may purchase another copy.

Thanks - Candace

Cindy Beck, author said...

That's so exciting that you've been picked up by Leatherwood Press. Way to go!

And I'm entering your contest. Ooo, hope I win. Ya just gotta love chocolate!