Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hug a Medievalist Day 2019 ~ Giveaway!

Welcome to my annual Hug a Medievalist Day Giveaway!

To celebrate, I'm giving away 3 medieval themed prizes this year! First up, a copy of my sweet medieval romance, Illuminations of the Heart
This prize is open to both USA and INTERNATIONAL entries. (USA will receive a print copy, INTERNATIONAL will receive an e-copy.)

Prize 2 is a tote bag with a medieval rooster-dog illustration on it. This prize is open to USA entries only.

Prize 3 is a 100 piece puzzle of a medieval illuminated manuscript known as The Geese Book. (Read about The Geese Book here.) Again, this prize is open to USA entries only.

Of course, to celebrate Hug a Medievalist Day, you must have a medievalist to hug. So when you enter the giveaway, be prepared to answer this question on the entry form: Name a medieval person (real or fictional, dead or alive) you would you like to hug on Hug a Medievalist Day. It can be someone real (like King Richard the Lionheart), someone fictional (Robin Hood, King Arthur, a character from a favorite novel), or even someone alive today who likes to dress up in medieval garb and attend medieval faires (a husband, a son or daughter, etc). Just have fun with the answers.

Extra entries if you share the link to this giveaway page anywhere on social media! Here's the link to share for this page: (the previous link here didn't work--this one should. Thanks for your patience!)

My Hug a Medievalist Day Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm PST on March 31, 2019

(If you don't see a Rafflecopter form, just click on the Rafflecopter link below)

NO PURCHASE NECESSSARY. Entrants must be 18 years or older, or entry must be submitted by a parent. Deadline to enter is 11:59 pm PST MARCH 31, 2019. Winner will be selected on APRIL 1, 2019 and have 48 hours to respond to an email notifying them of their win. PRIZE 1 IS OPEN TO USA/INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES, PRIZES 2 & 3 ARE OPEN TO USA ENTRIES ONLY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. Questions? Contact me at


Unknown said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Love this giveaway!

Lori Dykes said...
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Lori Dykes said...

Hi Joyce! How wonderful! Thank you for the chance!

Leona Olson said...

I would like to hug Titian Vecellio, the artist, who is in my family tree.

Marina Leonard said...

Thank you for the chance. Beautiful prizes.

QuickKnitter said...

Thank you for the opportunity!

Diana Roby said...

Thank you for the chance.

Grace said...

Thanks so much for the Chance!

Mary Brannian said...

Would love to hug Maid Marion, for being brave enough to follow her heart in an era that kept women as slaves, and King Arthur for espousing the code of chivalry.

Jean Craven said...

I chose Vlad Dracula but I wanted to also say Robin Hood as well Thanks for the chance

Anonymous said...

I love this contest. The Prizes are fantastic and different. I chose my son because he is in theater. He has done Hamlet and many other period parts and he can always use an extra hug.

Crystal said...

Thanks for this opportunity to win. I hope I win the paperback version of the book. I really want to read it and review it. Thanks Again. Hope I win.
Please note: I have 2 blogs that's why blog addresses are different. Other blog where I shared

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Thank you for running the giveaway. We have chosen Chaucer as our huggable person of historical note. Mainly because he wrote so well.
PS We are in the UK, so if we happen to win a copy, and e-book would be awesome.

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