Friday, February 12, 2016

Courting Cassandry has a Pinterest board!

I've put together a Pinterest board with a few glimpses of the story in Courting Cassandry. (I don't want to give away any spoilers, you know.)

Here's a sampling of what you can see there.

This is how I imagine Cassandry, sitting and worrying about her teenage daughter, Egelina. All mothers worry about their children, right?

(The Lady of Shallot by J.W. Waterhouse)

Everyday someone leaves a token (small gift) outside the chamber Cassandry shares with her daughter, Egelina. Their first day at Lyonstoke Castle (Gerolt de Warrenne's home), the token is a shell. Are the tokens meant for Egelina? Or could they possibly be meant for Cassandry?
(Visit my Pinterest page to see what other tokens Cassandry discovers!)

My hero, Gerolt, also has a teenaged child, a son named Rauffe. Rauffe is hound mad. He knows every breed of medieval hunting hound and the best way to train them. Egelina quickly grows tired of Rauffe's constant prattle about hounds, while he thinks the poetry she loves to quote is silly. Can these two ever make a match of it, as both their parents hope?

Cassandry and Gerolt want their children to marry. But if they do, then medieval law says that Cassandry and Gerolt cannot marry each other. Will they succumb to their own desires, or will they do what they believe is best for their children?

(Painting from Codex Manesse)

You can see the rest of my pins on my "Courting Cassandry" board on Pinterest!


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