Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summary Sunday

I forgot to include my medieval lady scribe with this post last week. Did you miss her? :-)

Here are some new sentences from Courting Cassandry this week. Do you still need a mini-character list? No new characters are mentioned, but in case your memory is as weak as mine is these days:

Mini-character list:

Gerolt: my 50-something hero
Cassandry: my 40-something heroine
Antony: Cassandry's late husband
Egelina: Cassandry's teenaged daughter

The "her" in Friday's sentence refers to Cassandry, and the "his" refers to Gerolt.

Okay, you may now read on!

Monday: Gerolt broke off as Cassandry’s hand jerked and knocked over her queen, sending the figure rolling so briskly it took out her knight and his bishop and several of his pawns.

Tuesday: Gerolt leaned back in his chair and watched Cassandry for a few moments in silence. Did she realize how much her words revealed?

Wednesday: Antony—brash, reckless, devil-may-care Antony had complained to his wife of an extra rabbit in a tapestry?

Thursday: Egelina’s hands were lost in the shadows near the jewelry casket, but Cassandry heard the tiny click of the key as she locked it shut.

Friday: Half of her wanted to continue to draw his attention to her mistakes—an errant thread there and there and there—but memories were seeping through the other half of a young girl playfully ‘hiding’ the seventh rabbit and honoring the little bird who had brought her so much joy by weaving her portrait in the corner.

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