Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summary Sunday

I had fun revising and adding some new twists to some of my previous chapters of Courting Cassandry this week. Here is a small sampling of some of the new sentences I've added to the mix. (Along with my weekly character list.)

Gerolt: My 50-something hero
Cassandry: My 40-something heroine
Aveline: Gerolt's late wife
Antony: Cassandry's late husband
Sir Ingram: One of Gerolt's knights
Sir Owen: Another of Gerolt's knights
Rauffe: Gerolt's teenaged son

Monday: Perhaps he had fashioned memories that had never been real, out of the loneliness he had felt with Aveline.

Tuesday: The news had begun to bind her and Antony’s hearts together again, so much so that she had begun to feel a long buried flicker of hope inside her.

Wednesday: The child in her wanted to fling herself into the familiar shelter of Gerolt’s embrace, and for once, the proud widow and angry, betrayed woman nearly let her.

Thursday: She fixed her gaze on Sir Ingram, the feather in his cap dancing merry on the breeze as he mounted a bay horse. If she did not stare somewhere else, Gerolt would see her sudden, deep awareness of him.

Friday: (Gerolt speaking:) “Sir Owen’s judgment is above reproach. I have only asked him to share a bit of advice with Rauffe.”

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