Friday, February 4, 2011

Get to Know the Author: Kaylee Baldwin

Today's Get to Know You Guest is Kaylee Baldwin, author of Meg's Melody. Welcome, Kaylee! Let's jump right in.

JDP: Did your mother read to you as a child?

Kaylee: Yes, my mom did read to me, but it was my dad who read to my sisters and I every night before bed. It was a special time because my dad worked so much and got home so late, that often it was the only time in the day we were able to spend with him. He liked to share with us books he loved as a child.

JDP: I love dads that read to their children. My mom always did our bedtime reading, but I remember my dad holding me in his lap and reading me books from the Old Mother West Wind series. Treasured memories! Do you remember a favorite book from your childhood?

Kaylee: I read The Secret Garden when I was eight years old, and it opened up a whole new world of reading for me. I also loved the Babysitter Club books.

JDP: Name a favorite author as an adult.

Kaylee: There are so many! I love Denise Hunter, Karen White, Kate Morton, Mary Higgins Clark.

JDP: Share a book you’ve read multiple times.

Kaylee: I've read all of my books at least twice. I think I've reread Pride and Prejudice the most.

JDP: Kindle, Nook, or good old hard copy?

Kaylee: I have a Kindle that I love!  My husband got me a Kindle for my birthday this year in an effort to stem the amount of books we have to store around the house. We have four bookcases full of my books, and then I'd begun stacking more books next to the bookcases in knee-high piles! We were being overtaken by my books. The Kindle has helped. I also get a lot of books from the library, so I read hard copies as well.

JDP: What’s your favorite place to read?

Kaylee: I love reading in a hot bubble bath. Or in bed.

JDP: What are your three favorite reading genres.

Kaylee: Women's fiction, clean romance, and young adult.

JDP: What’s the last book you read?

Kaylee: I just finished Backlash by Tracy Hunter Abramson.

JDP: What are you’re reading now?

Kaylee: The Star Prophesy by Joan Sowards

JDP: What’s next on your reading list?

Kaylee: I just got The Dark Divine by Bree Despain, so I'm really excited to read that next.

JDP: What you would like to read more of? (author, genre, etc)

Kaylee: I love to read almost anything! I especially love books that deal with real issues, but that are hopeful in the end.

JDP: Share a favorite book that you’ve read in the last 12 months.

Kaylee: I have a couple. I read These Is My Words by Nancy Turner. It takes place in southern AZ, right by where I live, and the characterization is amazing. And The Hunger Games series. Could not put those books down!

JDP: Thank you so much for joining us today, Kaylee!

Kaylee: Thanks, Joyce!

More about Kaylee: Kaylee Baldwin grew up in Mesa, Arizona, and graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in English literature. She currently lives in southern Arizona with her husband, Jeremy, and their three children. When she is not writing, Kaylee enjoys reading, starting new craft projects, and spending time with her family. Learn more about Kaylee on her website:

Summary of Meg's Melody:

She paced the small confines of her bathroom as she waited the obligatory two minutes for the result. Yet, part of her sensed the truth. Not only did Austin take her self-esteem and plans for happiness, but he also took her get-out-of-this-marriage-free card.

The plus sign glared at Meg from the white plastic frame of the pregnancy test. The test fell from her hands and clattered into the bathtub as Meg’s back slid against the wall until she reached the floor.

“I’m pregnant,” she said into the quiet.

Meg never imagined she'd end up like this. With nowhere else to turn, she's forced to rely on the family she pushed away, the church she abandoned, and an unexpected friendship to help her find her forgotten melody. Meanwhile Matt is still mourning the loss of his wife. But determined to keep things together for his daughter's sake, he decides starting over in a new place might be just what his family needs.

This touching story combines romance with redemption and real conflict to remind you it's never too late to find joy. Kaylee Baldwin's capable hand renders a sincere, heartfelt story of rediscovery and hope. Perfect for romantics of all ages, this book will captivate your heart and rekindle your belief in the magic of music.


Joan Sowards said...

Congratulations of Meg's Melody being a Whitney finalist. Wow! It's a great story and you deserve the honor. Thanks for the interview.

Kaylee Baldwin said...

Thanks for the interview, Joyce!

And thank you, too, Joan.

Danielle Thorne said...

Enjoyed the interview. I've heard a lot about this book.

Mary L Walling said...

Great interview Will be adding this to my reading list.

Taffy said...

I enjoyed your book as well. Thanks for the interview, it was nice to get to know you a little better.

Canda said...

I just finished Meg's Melody. What a sweet story.