Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Blog Hops, coming up soon!

So what, you wonder, is this all about?

This is a fantasically spooktacular chance to win a gazillion books, Amazon gift cards, or other book related prizes! Okay, so maybe not really a gazillion. But still...lots! On October 25, I'll be listing a string of book related blogs (review sites, author sites, etc), each of which will be giving away a prize. All you'll have to do is "hop" from blog to blog and follow each blogger's directions to enter their giveaway. So far, there are 36 blogs lined up to participate, but there may be many more by October 25th! Fortunately, you'll have until October 31 (Halloween!) to check out all the blogs and enter all the contests. Doesn't that sound fun?

And just because we love you, on the chance that you don't win anything at the Spooktacular Book Blog Giveaway Hop, we'll be following up with a second blog hop in November that looks like this:

This one will be running from November 17-27, and there are (as of 10:30 PM EST on Oct 5, 2010) 84 BLOGGERS participating in this one! Again, I suspect there will be even more by the time November rolls around.

So check back often. I'll share more details as I receive them from the inspired genius behind these two blog hops at I'm A Reader, Not a Writer. (She has some cool book giveaways going on right now. You might want to check her blog out!)

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sounds like fun!