Monday, June 8, 2009

Contest at "Why Not? Because I Said So!"

Hey, there's a great new contest going on over at Why Not? Because I Said So! Blogger and book reviewer Sheila is giving away a free copy of Author Annette Lyon's new book: There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd. If you're a writer--fiction, non-fiction, personal journals, letters...even emails!...who occasionally find your head spinning over its vs it's, affect vs effect, etc (fill in your own personal grammar nemesis here), or a reader who simply finds the subject of grammar fascinating (there actually are a few of us out there!), then this is definitely a book you'll want to vie for. How can you win a copy? Hop on over to Sheila's blog to learn four--count 'em, four!--ways you can enter for a chance at this wonderful sounding book!


And don't forget to click here for our Summer Treasure Hunt: Dig For Clues Contest!

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Why Not? Because I Said So! said...

Thanks so much for posting about my drawing Joyce!