Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twelve Days of Christmas Contest Medieval Style, in Review:

Well, our Twelve Days of Christmas Contest Medieval Style, is finally over. I hope all of you who participated had fun with our little game. Those of us who sponsored prizes had such a good time, that we’re thinking of running a similar contest sometime this summer, with hopefully a few additional sponsors to continue to spice things up. So keep your eyes peeled for further news on that! (After we all take a well-deserved break while we continue to recover from “the holidays”, of course.)

By the way, if you think an overabundance of our contest winners came from Arizona, that’s only because we received more entries from Arizona than from any other state. So the next time we run such a contest, run out and invite all your friends in other states to join in! (Then again, that would only up the competition for you all, so you make the call on that one. ;-) )

For a full list of The Twelve Days of Christmas Contest Medieval Style prizes and winners, click here.


Judy said...

Thanks Joyce for a great contest. I had fun, and won a great children's book from Cindy Williams.

Joyce DiPastena said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the contest, Judy. :-)

Jlynn said...

I really enjoy this type of contest. You get to check out different authors that you don't know about. I can't wait to use my Scensy GC from Kellydawn. Thank you again Joyce for this great contest.