Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Is Joyce Up To This Summer?

What am I up to this summer?

I’m going on a Summer Book Trek! My goal is to read one or more books by an LDS author by August 31. Since I have a few more than that currently sitting on my TBR shelf, I’ve decided to avail myself of this challenge to read-read-read, so hopefully I can make room for some brand new books.

Simply put, the rules are:

Make a list of the books you want to read this summer and post them on your blog. (This is where I’m posting my list.)

After you finish a book, write a review on your blog and link it to the Summer Book Trek 2008 on the LDS Fiction blog.

So, in keeping with the rules, I do hereby proclaim myself committed to reading the following volumes by August 31:

The Arthurian Omen, by G.G. Vandagriff
Dante’s Daughter, by Kimberley Heuston
The Great and the Terrible: The Second Sun, by Chris Stewart

Okay, what can I say, I’m a slow reader. I’ll be doing good to crank out a book a month this summer. (After all, I have to leave time for writing, too!)

If you’re LDS (or even if you’re not) and would like to take part in this challenge, go to LDS Fiction to find out how to sign up. (Note: there are prizes involved for participating!)

If you’re not LDS (or even if you are) and are not interested in reading LDS books--though they only have to be written by LDS authors, they don't actually have to be LDS-themed--then I’d like to encourage you (if you need encouragement, which I already know many of you do not!) to find another summer reading challenge to join, or just make up a challenge of your own. The important thing is, let’s all make this a summer of reading, shall we?

LDS Fiction: Summer Book Trek 2008: Ready...Set...Read! (Sign Up Here)


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LDS_Publisher said...

Thanks for joining the Summer Book Trek. Looking forward to your review of Arthurian Omen. Almost put that one on my list. (I like fantasy in the summer time.)

Karlene said...

Hi. I'm doing the Summer Book Trek too. I want to read Chris Stewart's series, but I'll have to save that for fall. I may have already put more on my list than is reasonable.

Also wanted to letyou know, I'm hosting my second annual Summer Reading Thing over on my blog. It starts this Friday, June 20th. The rules are similar to this one, very easy and you can use this same book list to double your chance at prizes. Hope you'll join me.